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Book Cover Tee Las Vegas means the seventh edition of

Book Cover Tee, a project launched in 2012, driven by three elements: value of written word, beauty of fashion and helping those in need.

Value of written word
. Feelings, knowledge, experiences, imagination, they all live into the magic word of books. Promoting the reading habit by showing the beauty of the
written word through fashion is the path we chose.

The beauty of fashion
is brought to us by the infinite ways it is expressed by the talent of those who create it. The fashion phenomenon is “worn” by us all and this makes
fashion to be an important promotional channel.

Helping abandoned animals
. Finding shelter or offer them a chance to better care is a goal that needs no explanation. “Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal
shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.” – (According to https://www.dosomething.org).

For Book Cover Tee 7, two talented students from The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Atiya Clemente and Rheme Ragasa created 7 layouts of the favorite books of
wonderful people that I have met in the last past months. Hiwote Berhanu, the President of the Students Association from Las Vegas Art Institute was the
project manager. All these wonderful people joined the effort to promote the habit of reading books and to bring happiness into abandoned animals’ life
from The Animal Organization Las Vegas.

The limited edition of 50 Tee Shirts will be displayed at The Stitch Factory in fabulous Downtown Las Vegas on August 6th, between 4:00-6:00
p.m. All the money from the Tees purchasing will be donated to The Animal Organization.

Here is the list of the participants of Book Cover Tee Las Vegas:

1. Tina Mion, contemporary artist favorite book (layout created by Rheme Ragasa – “The Visible World”, Mark Slouka

the visible world Tina Mion, Rheme Ragasa edit-page-001

2. Carrie Carter Cooper, Founder & President of Las Vegas Fashion Council favorite book (layout created by Atiya Clemente) – “The cat in the hat”, Dr. Seuss

the cat in the hat, Carrie Carter Cooper, Atiya Clemente-page-001

3. Ray Angry, composer, keyboardist & record producer favorite book (layout by Rheme Ragasa) – “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho


4. Mihai Nicodim, owner of Nicodim Gallery L.A. & Bucharest favorite book (layout Rheme Ragasa) – “The Sum of All Fears”, Tom Clancy

the sum of all fears vectorized, Mihai Nicodim Rheme Ragasa-page-001

5. Stitch Factory team favorite book (layout Rheme Ragasa) – “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald

The great gatsby vectorized Stitch Factory, Rheme Ragasa-page-001

6. Anaida Meline Cialikian, Artist Relations at Bobby Womack & Co. favorite book (layout Atiya Clemente) – “The Kybalion”, Tarcher Cornerstone Editions

The Kybalion Anaida, Atiya Clemente-page-001

7. Noemi Meilman (me) favorite book (cover by Atiya Clemente) – “Mistress of Modernism. The life of Peggy Guggenheim”, Mary V. Dearborn

MISTRESS OF MODERNISM Noemi Meilman, Atiya Clemente-page-001

A big Thank you to my partners in this project: Las Vegas Art Institute (Sara Brinckerhoff), Stitch Factory (a wonderful team), Vegenation, appstool.com
(for donating me the money for the purchase & printing of the tees) & The Animal Organization.

And a very big Thank You to Gedalya Y. Krycer from GedalyaKrycer.com & Cristian Grigorie from aquestion.ro for all the help in the graphic invitation
& all the materials related to the promotion of this edition.