The Story


Book Cover Tee started on a beach, in the Summer of 2011. The idea came to me on a quiet day, while I was basking in the Mediterranean sun. In my mind, I had three elements to combine: the pleasure of reading, the beauty of fashion (young designers at their very beginnings) and helping the abandoned animals.

One year later, in the summer of 2012, the first edition of Book Cover Tee was on air, starring my very close friends, a test for my darling project and for me: designed T-shirts printed with the layouts created by these wonderful people, revealing their favorite books to the public and raising money for Red Panda Romania, an organization that saves hundreds of abandoned animals.

Since then, Book Cover Tee took over six editions in Romania and involved over 128 designers, celebrities and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) – editors from the fashion and art magazines, well known bloggers, actors, singers, TV presenters, photographers. Every time, each of these wonderful people recreated the favorite book cover in a graphic/photo image.

The tees are sold in bookstores in Bucharest and on Molecule-F, and soon they
will be available for purchase on the Book Cover Tee online shop as well.

The seventh edition is about to be launched in Las Vegas and it is the first time when the layouts are created by students (two talented students from Las Vegas Art Institute) and they represent the book covers of American celebrities that I met here.

To be continued. Stay tuned and don’t forget to care.

Wear a book and shelter a friend!